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Blue Blockers

April 3, 2014 5:40 am

I am so excited to share this simple way you can easily enhance your sleep quality!

It is no secret that getting 8-10 hours a night drastically improves the quality of your life along with a bajillion other health benefits.  You’ve most likely heard that to ensure a great night of quality sleep you should avoid looking at any device with a monitor an hour before going to bed (iPad, phone, computer TV, etc.). Monitors emit a blue wavelength of light that is similar to daylight. So if you’re looking at any of these monitors before bed they are sending a signal to your brain that it’s daytime right before you are trying to sleep!

While I generally try to stay away from these lights before I sleep so my busy little brain can unwind, the reality of me never looking at my phone before bed is not realistic. These very sexy glasses happen to  block the blue wavelength of light AND optimize sleep quality! Yess! I know it sounds weird but I seriously wear these around every night about an hour before bed and they have been a life saver. I truly have noticed a HUGE difference in how fast and hard I can fall asleep since using them.

I think they are kinda cute too, what do you guys think?

Sweet Dreams Bunnies! Don’t let the dust mites bite! (thats a post for another day)

Oh and they are not expensive either. You can get them on amazon if you type in blue blocker glasses. There are different kinds they are about 15 bucks. The ones in this picture are made to fit over reading glasses or you can get smaller ones if you don’t need reading glasses.




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